Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bike Commuters get part of the bailout

Bike commuters are eligible for a $20 a month tax credit. Check out this video on .

Here is an article from the San Francisco Chronicle one of my favorite newspapers. I love San Francisco.

A New Post about general things

I have not been updating my blog as regularly as I was. Most of my usual rides have been written about in previous blogs. I have rode a couple of group rides but I have been going out and riding 52 mile solo rides on my single speed. The road bike has kind of been ignored lately. It has a slow leak in the rear tire. It will hold pressure for about 2 days but it usually has minimal pressure in the tube after about a week. Since it is not being rode that much I am thinking of dropping it off to be tuned up (maybe today).

I have taken over the weekly ride email for the local Independent Group that I have been riding with. It is pretty easy to get out right now since there are not very many rides (weekends only) and the rides are lightly attended. Only the die hards are getting out to ride. I thought I was a diehard but I have found a couple of others that are more dedicated than I am.

Last year I rode all winter without booties but that limited the temperature that I could ride in. Luckily last winter was mild and I was able to ride at least on day on any given weekend. It looks like this year is going to be a little rougher. I have made a couple of investments in some Gore Bike gear. High top booties, the Tool Jacket and a set of Specialized leg warmers to use on days when it is not cold enough to wear my thermal tights. I have also purchased a bunch of chemical hand and toe warmers. I am thinking of getting a hood/mask but I do use one of those for skiing so I am thinking I really do not need them for bike riding on the New Jersey Shore. I have gone out a couple of times in the high 20s. It is hard for me to get out when it is that cold. Leaving the warm house is tough but I think I enjoy the cold weather rides more than the summer rides. I just need the push out the door.

I would like to get some cross country skiing in this year but the skiing is not really that good here in New Jersey. I might try to get up and visit my parents in Syracuse. Most years the weather is usually very good for both Alpine and Nordic skiing. Lots of good places to go skiing. Highland Forest in Fabius, NY is one of my favorite places to go cross country skiing. I am thinking that cross country skiing is a little safer as well as better excercise.

This weekend was a complete cycling bust. Snow, Ice and rain. Mother Nature's way of telling me that I need to prepare for the holidays. The long range forcast last weekend was so wrong. Giants and the Jets are both playing important games today. The Giants are playing for home field advantage in the playoffs and the Jets are trying to keep their post season hopes alive. So I will be couch bound after 4 PM today.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stephen Colbert on Bailing out the US Auto Industry

In the interest of equal time here is Stephen Colbert's take on the Bailout of the US Auto Industry. If it is not on Comedy Central then it is not new!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Jon Stewart on the Auto Bailout

While Jon Stewart always tries to funny (I have read where Mr. Stewart has said that he gets nervous if he goes more than a minute or two without being funny) but he almost always makes the correct point. Here is a video from Wednesday night that pretty much sums up the Auto Maker's testimony before the house.

He even does a good job of describing derivatives. Enjoy.