Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Summer of Swimming Continues

What started as a new way to train in the winter has now continued through the summer. The bikes have been ignored. Instead of 2 to 4 rides a week I have been getting out about once a month.

Instead of riding I have been racing in the Ocean Mile Swims that have become a tradition in the Jersey Shore towns of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. There may be only two or three weekends that I have missed swimming in a race since the Nave Sink or Swim on May 29.

The Ocean Miles are community events and are usually put on by the local townships or by one of the competive swim teams in the area like the NJ Racing Club. The teenagers that show up are really good and for the most part the only time I see them is at the start and maybe hanging around at the finish. This is the real Jersey Shore!

Check out Ray's Notebook for a complete listing of area open water swims.