Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just an Update

I bought a new camera since my old one broke but I have yet to have the opportunity to take any pictures. I like blogs that have some pictures. In fact that is the main reason I read them.

Just for the record the new camera is another Cannon. I was going to buy a digital Nikon that looks like an SLR but isn't. It seemed to bulky and I was about to give up when my co-worker who went to Best Buy with me found the Cannon PowerShot SX210. I would like to be able to report on it but I cannot at this point. I took a couple of test photos and I ran some video but not really much else. Was supposed to be used for a College Vist but the weather was lousy and there were not any good photo opportunities. I am sure something will come up.

So far 2011 has yielded two rides so far. Both were on the Langster and both were with the Dorbrook group. In the past I have been able to ride the single speed in the group until April or May but they all seem to be in pretty good shape (Must be the PX90 because there was not a lot of riding going on this winter). Both rides were about 70 miles but I am just guessing because the battery on the computer died. For the first ride I did a lot of suffering both on the way out and on the way back. It just hurt. The second ride was much better. I felt good on the way out with the wind in my face but when we made the turn and the wind was at the back I ran out of gear and just got dropped.

The suggestion was made that I switch to the Tarmac since the winter rides appear to be over. That is probably going to be my strategy going forward. I checked the weather and it looks like I might be able to get two good rides in this weekend. The big problem is that a 5 hour bike ride really takes a lot out of the day. Free time has been in short supply lately.

The swimming is really going well. The form is really starting to take shape. Still only breathing to the right but I am in no real hurry to change at this point. I feel fast and I have been trying to either keep pace with or lap the swimmers in the other lanes. Gave up count and now swimming for time. Workouts are 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes in lenght. No longer using the two float or the paddles because it is all about endurance now. Even bad days in the pool are good workouts now.

The strength workouts have been less consistent. Had a good legs workout on Sunday. Squats have been more for balance lately and the weight has not been all that exciting. I have been leg pressing 1000 lbs but the squats have been kind of weak. Decided to really start driving the squats and I was excited by the new weight levels. I am visualizing squating 400 lbs. I think it is well within my reach now. The other excercises have not been as much fun lately. Other than the leg workouts everything else has been misery. I guess that is the advantage of cross training. You can get excited about something new when the excitement for the old wanes.

As we head into the spring and summer hopefully I will have some pictures as well as some interesting stories to tell.