Saturday, October 13, 2007

Holmdel vs. Jackson Liberty High School Football 10-12-2007

Holmdel High School Varsity Football (here is an article about last week's game) played Jackson NJ Liberty High School last night at home. Unfortunately the Jackson team was unmatch was not able to move the ball and was never a threat to score. Holmdel ended up with and easy win (40 - 0) to remain 5 - 0 for the season.

Even under the lights my camera does not take good pictures at night but the video option works fine. I took several videos of various plays but there was one longer one that had a penalty, a distance walk off and then a play. I am using the new video upload feature in blogger. (I give up. I have tried to upload video all day with no success!)

I got a 40 mile ride in at the end of the afternoon on Friday. However, the summer has left us and we are now moving into fall. The wind was blowing and the temperature was in the low 60s. I was able to break out my new heavy long sleeve jersey. The wind was so bad I almost turn around because it was moving me all over the road.

It was also an animals gone crazy day as well. A squirrel decided to sprint under my front wheel. I did not hit it but it scared the heck out of me. As I was coming back into Holmdel two deer posed on the front lawn of a house for a woman taking a picture of them with her cell phone. Once the picture was taken both deer decided to sprint across the road right in front of me. I was not going that fast so I was able to hit the breaks. Right now that is one of my worries is that the a herd of deer are going to run out in front of me as a I flying down one of the hills on my training routes. (On today's ride a Ground Hog decided to run in front of me from across the road as I was getting to the top of a climb. The animal almost got hit by a mini van but it missed. What is up with the wildlife in New Jersey?)

Maybe we might get a couple of more warm days but we are now moving in our fall/winter season. The leaves will start changing in the next week or so. As long as I dress warm I do not mind riding in the fall or early spring. Might need to make an investment in another jersey and a jacket.

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