Monday, January 7, 2008

Searching for The Hoosiers

As I was getting ready to watch the NY Giants play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers my daughter asked me if I would take her to Best Buy. She had a gift card from Best Buy and wanted to see if they a CD from an indie band. She was kind of sketchy about the details but the Giants were not off to a great start and I figured we would be back half time so why not.

Best Buy does not really have a deep music section. Not a bad place to buy current music but they do not carry deep catalogs and the probability of them having an indie release was very slim. I was hoping for a surprised. Making the story short Best Buy did not have the CD so I suggested that we head into Red Bank and check out Jack's Music.

Jack's is a good place for finding hard to track down CDs. They will usually order it for you if they do not have it in stock. My daughter by now had told me that the band's name was The Hoosiers. The staff at Jack's are knowledgeable music buffs but they have the kind of personalities that you often find in comic stores and bike shops. They like to be helpful but they want to feel superior as well. As we were walking in one of the fine gentlemen at work at Jack's asked us if we needed any help. My daughter told him she was looking for the new CD by the Hoosiers. The grimace on his face when he said "I have never heard of them" was priceless. He walked back to his computer and looked it up.

"The Hoosiers right?" he said. H -O -O -S - I - E - R - S. I was waiting for him to tell us either he had 2 on the way or he could order it for us. The response was actually unexpected "It is available as an import only.". As he was walking away I mention that I used to one the David Grisman Quintet LP that was lying on the desk. I was thinking he was going to start talking about the beauty of jazz played by bluegrass musicians. Instead he looked at me like I was chewing gum on his shoes and walked away.

This whole scene reminded me of the movie Hi Fidelity. I told me daughter about the movie and we walked over to the DVD section to see if Jack's had it in stock. It was not in the drama section but they did have it in the comedy section. My daughter asked me to get it so she could watch it.

As we were driving home I told my daughter that we could go to Bleeker Street in the Village and stop at Bleeker Bob's to see if they had it. We are going into New York on Saturday.

When I got home I did some research. I found the MySpace page and I looked to see where I could find the CD. It is available on the UK version of iTunes but not on the US version. Our US iTune accounts will not work on the UK site. Amazon had the CD but only through a sub. I told my daughter that I could get it but I would have to order it. I expected her to say that she wanted to check out the music shops in Greenwich Village. However, she told me to order through It will probably be here around the weekend.

The name of the CD is Trick to Life. I listened to some of the songs on the MySpace page. It sounds cool. I am probably just as excited to get the CD. It is so much fun to discover new music. Maybe I will live up to the name of this blog and actually review music.

After I watched the Giants pull out a win over the Bucs we watched Hi Fidelity. It turned out to be fun afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I thought that Hoosiers were from Indiana not England. I did listen to their music and it is pretty good. toesnap

Flametop59 said...

That is what I thought. Hopefully we get the CD soon.

Anonymous said...

The Hoosiers are from England and Sweden.
And yeah, they're great! ;)