Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Commute

I have not commuted into New York on a regular basis in a couple of years. I have been trying to get to my desk by 7 AM each morning which means I have to take the 5:45 AM Middletown, NJ train. The commute is pretty easy. I drive a short distance to the train station, park my car, and catch the train. An hour later I am walking to the office. It is an easy walk. Cross 7th Ave walk down 34th and then turn north on Broadway. Right next to Macy's. The only thing that could be better would be to work in one of the buildings that are above Penn Station.

The picture above is the closed power station in South Amboy just before the train pulls into the South Amboy station. A couple of years ago there was a high speed ferry that went to NY. It closed down because of the construction but never opened again. I am not sure if it moved to another marina.

This is the building as the train exits the Hudson Tunnel and enters NY Penn Station. It is across the street from Madison Square Garden.

The view out of the window by my desk. One of the first things I noticed on my first trips to NY was the wooden water towers that dot the skyline. They have disappeared over the years and now are often hidden.

I do like working in NY. It is such a different world from where I live in NJ.


Michael said...

5:45 AM! Thats painful man. But I still say you have the best of both worlds. Living far enough away from the city for it to spoil your home life but close enough to get there easily. I live literally on the cliffs in NJ that overlook manhattan. If you stand at 68th street and the hudson and look to nj.. I'm there. Its pretty, but still insane. Can't wait to move south and or west. Good to hear job is working out.

Flametop59 said...

I really do not have to be there that early but I get a good two hours of quiet work time. If I can consistently hit the 4:41 home I should be OK.

Going single speeding today. Just waiting for it to warm up.