Friday, April 11, 2008

2008 High Point Hill Climb

After reading BrettOk's description of the the Hill Climb that that was held in Wellington, New Zealand a couple of weeks ago I decided to see if there was anything similar here in New Jersey. Sure enough there is a race scheduled for May 3, 2008 at High Point State Park in Montague, NJ.

I will not be able to race it since I only have my single speed Langster which would probably would not allow me to be competitive. However, I am now determined to do the ride on the Langster. The goal would be to complete two laps for a good hard 20 mile.

I discovered that someone placed the course up on and I have added to my profile. Check it out here. Be sure to look at the elevation profile.


brettok said...

Yeah, smash it up on the Langster! Put a smaller gear on it maybe, like an 18 tooth freewheel (coz I know you are scared of fixed!)...

Flametop59 said...

Yes I am scared of the fixed. It does make me a little less cool. Just a little though.