Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Vacation in Miami (South Beach)

I took a much needed vacation to Miami. Stayed at the South Beach Marriott which is the fourth time I have been there. Might try another hotel next time but I am a creature of habit. The Eden Roc is another Marriott Family hotel that just got a major renovation. I could use my points. In fact I actually think that it was available when I booked the South Beach Marriott but again I am a creature of habit.

Took 6:30 AM flight on Monday morning. Got to the hotel in South Beach around 10 AM. The original plan was to spend the day on the beach relaxing but my daughter wanted to get something to eat and walk around. We ended up eating at Oh Mexico! and then walking back along the beach. We were actually looking for El Rancho Grande but we found Oh Mexico! first. As is usually the case we ran across El Rancho Grande after we had already had lunch.

We walked around the Lincoln Shopping area and we noticed that there was a Samba Sushi restaurant and we made a note to go there for dinner later in the week. We ended up going to Samba Sushi on Tuesday after spending the whole day on the beach.

We ended up spending Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday sitting on the beach. Tuesday was a perfect day. No clouds and water was calm almost like the hotel pool. However, Wednesday and Thursday were completely different. On Wednesday we had a wait out some cloud cover and on Thursday the wind was blowing hard all day.

This was the first time I have seen waves and surfers in Miami. The ocean was a lot like it usually is here in New Jersey but the water is much warmer. Unlike in New Jersey the surfers in Miami do not wear wet suits.

However, I did wear my rash guard the whole week. On Tuesday I was the only one but as the week progressed I saw more people wearing them. I did feel a little over dressed wearing board shorts and a rash guard on the beach while most of the other sun bathers were wearing as little as legally possible. However, I have learned that it is not worth getting a bad sunburn and then ruining my vacation.

On Friday we rented beach cruisers and rode north along the beach. We took a 3:35 PM flight back to New Jersey.

I wish we could have stayed longer but I ended up needing the weekend to recover.


Tyler said...


Miami sure sounds like a pleasant experience. I have never been myself but after reading your post I certainly am taking an interest. You mentioned surfers and people sun bathing... Were there any decent waves around the Miami beaches? What other Florida beaches have you visited?

Our family is considering a trip to Florida and we are not yet decided on the actual beaches and hotels we will visit, but we sure are getting excited. I hope the whether is nice so we can be casual in our beach clothing most of the trip. In preparation for our trip we each purchased a rash guard so that we can have sun protection in the Florida sun.

Thanks for mentioning those restaraunts... Are there any other places you would recommend we visit?

Flametop59 said...

The only Atlantic side beach I have ever been to in Florida has been on South Beach. For 2 of the 3 trips to the beach the water was really calm. Almost like a pool. The last trip in April the water was much wilder. I actually like it better when it is calm.

Be aware that many of the bathers on South Beach are topless. I do not think it is a problem and everyone has been respectful.