Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Post about General Things

Again I do not have much to post. I got both of my bikes tuned up at the Peddler. Since the weather has not been good for riding I figured I would get both bikes pointed up so that when the weather did turn in the positive direction I would be ready to go. I really should learn to do my own work but I am afraid that I will have to deal with my inferior wrench skills while stuck on the side of the road.

My Facebook account as well as the weekly bike ride email that I send out has taken away some of the cycles I would otherwise use to create blog posts. I have had several ideas for posts but I just have not had the time to do them right. Maybe over the next couple of weeks.

Since I cannot ride I have been spending lots of time in the gym. I have just lifting and not doing any cardio. I can see the results in that I am building my fast twitch muscle fibers and not really building up the slow twitch muscle fibers. I figure that I spent most of the summer riding and very little time lifting that it might be good to do the opposite now. While I might be carrying a little extra weight it should be all muscle so I am hoping that I will appreciate the extra strength when the nicer bike riding weather shows up.

It might be a good year to get some cross country skiing in. The picture above was taken in 2003 in Sundance, Utah.


GenghisKhan said...

Would that be the Bike Peddler in American Fork? That plus the Sundance pic makes me think that we might be neighbors. And yeah, too much snow to do much riding at all, though if the shoulders clear any time soon and the temp gets a bit warmer, I might try to get out on the road. Maybe...
Ride One or Ride None!

Flametop59 said...

No it is the Peddler in Long Branch, NJ. I worked for Novell and spent some time in Provo. Sundance was the closest place and I only had one day to ski. It was the year of the drought.

GenghisKhan said...

Ahh, I see. Well, I hope that the riding and skiing are good for you in NJ!
Ride One or Ride None!

Mike said...

Hope you went for a ride today! It was a fantastic day. I've been training all winter and was nice to get back out today. Rode up to and over the GW Bridge. Should do it sometime.