Saturday, May 9, 2009

A new post about TV Shows (Chuck, Scrubs and Life)

My last post to this blog was on January 11. The lack of output was not for lack of material. I have written several entries while out riding but the words just never seem to make it to the blog page. I blame Facebook. At least I am not Twitting.

My first blog entry in many months is not going to be about anything deal like state of the US economy, my current state of unemployment or even the start of the Giro d'Italia. It is going to be about US TV. Specifically about the shows that I have been watching Chuck, Scrubs and Life. All three have either been cancelled or are close to being cancelled.

In addition to the 3 shows list above I also watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. Thanks to the internet I do not need to stay up until Midnight but I can watch the replays in the morning while I am drinking my morning coffee. I have also started watching Southland on Thursday night. Southlands is the ER replacement. So far I am enjoying the show however I remember liking ER at first but then I lost interest. The great thing about the internet is that I can watch all of my shows on my laptop.

NBC cancelled Life this past week. Life was my least favorite show but had the most interesting premise. Officer Charlie Crews is falsely convict of murdering a family and spends 12 years in prison. He is eventually released, settles with the city for millions and get his job back at the level he would have been at had he not gone to prison. He is now a weathly detective solving cases while plotting his revenge. The problem is that the fish out of water thing only goes so far. Eventually things stop becoming new to Detective Crews and he eventually needs to figure out who framed him. It may be that 2 years is the total shelf life for this show.

Chuck is a great Monday show. It has some adult themes for a 8 PM show but it is kind of cool premise as well. Chuck is very smart 20 something who was kicked out of Stanford just before graduation. He is now under achieving at a Buy More (Best Buy?) store. Chuck is also leading a double life since he also has a top secret government computer downloaded into his brain and is being protected by a CIA and NSA agent. This is a complete fantasy show but the characters are well defined. The end of last season tied up some loose ends but left a opening for another season. I think the shelf life of this show is probably 3 - 4 years. Eventually the characters will have to settle into a certain normalcy that will ruin the plots.

My favorite show is Scrubs. It took me while to get into the show. In fact I watch almost ever episode as a rerun on Comedy Central. As a work place comedy this show completely eclipses The Office. While most of the characters on The Office are a kind of idiot savant (especially Michael) the characters on Scrubs are dorks but they are care about what they do and work to become better. The Office makes me cringe at some of the stuff that happens but Scrubs has characters that I can relate to. The characters on Scrubs have also grown. Going from first year interns to residents to attendings. It is possible to think that working in a hospital could actually be like this.

Scrubs started out on NBC but spent last year on ABC. Some new characters (Interns) have been introduced and the next season if renewed will probably focus on these characters. JD has accepted another job at different hospital but he is close enough to come back to the show on occasion. The season finale could also be the series finale and was written that way. In some ways it is about time all of the original characters started to move on with there lives. Hopefully the show will be picked up but even if it doesn't I am sure that Comedy Central will continue broadcasting reruns 4 times a day.

So there it is. My first post in a while is about TV shows. I am going to try and get some more. I have plenty to write about.

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