Friday, May 9, 2008

Thursday Evening Ride with the Independent Bike Group

I was going to take yesterday off from riding but the weather broke around 5:30 PM. Since I knew that today (Friday) was not going to be too nice I decided to take the opportunity to get a ride in. I was originally planning to just stay in Holmdel but I remembered that it was Thursday so I decided to swing by Holmdel Park to see if the Independent Riding Group was meeting up. I was expecting that the parking lot would be empty but I was surprised to see a couple of riders waiting for some others to show up.

Since I am my single speed Langster I was not sure if I was ready to go out with the A riders. However, of the 4000 miles that I have put on the Langster at least 3800 have been done by myself so I thought a little company might be nice. I was told that it was going to be a hill climb day. Since I usually ride most of the hills in the area I figured I would be OK.

It ended up being a fun ride. I do have to work on my group ride skills. I am not very comfortable in the middle of the pace line. I ended up hanging out at the back. Luckily the other riders are much better. I almost ran into a line of deer sprinting across the yards. Since I was head down in the middle of a climb I did not notice the deer running along side of me. I might have missed the first deer but the 4 following would have definitely ran me over.

I noticed that the cars had there head lights on and I need to leave enough time to get back home so I took a left onto Telegraph Hill Road and made my way home. The rest of the group went up to Cat Bird Alley to get one last climb in before heading back to Holmdel Park. All together I got about 25 miles. Not too bad since I was expecting to get 0 miles in.

If I am not traveling next week I might try to meet up with the group on either Tuesday or Thursday next week.

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