Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hurricane Bertha gave us a perfect Sunday

It has been a while since we have had two nice days on the weekend. While Saturday was hot and hazy Hurricane Bertha gave us a perfect day as it passed over Bermuda. Since I rode long on Saturday I decided to have a lazy morning. My daughter asked if we could go out to Sandy Hook. Since it was afternoon I knew that the parking at the beaches was going to be tough I suggested that we go up the Twin Lights in Highlands, NJ instead.

We have been up to the Twin Lights several times but it has been a long time since the last time we have visited. Both Light towers are open. The south tower has access up into the light area even though it is a little hot. The view makes the slight steam bath worth it.

The whole property is a NJ State Park but it used to be an Army Air Corp base. This is were radar was tested during WWII. The function of the Twin Lights is now handled by the Ambrose Light Tower that is out in the Atlantic.

The views from the Light towers are excellent. We walked up both the north and south towers. The view is not much different the north Tower has a better view of the Raritan Bank while the South Tower has a better view of the Shrewsbury River. I guess the dolphins are still hanging out in the river. When we drove by Bahrs Restaurant there was a sign for Dolphin Tours.

The Highlands Bridge is being rebuilt. The drawbridge is being replaced with a non-movable bridge that will be 65 feet over the water. I am going to miss the old bridge and in the mean time I am going to have to avoid the area when out on my bike rides. When I want to climb up Mt. Mitchell Overlook I will cut through Rumson and go over the Oceanic Bridge. It adds a couple of miles to the ride.

The Met Life Blimp was going up and down the shore. It took forever for it to go south but it was like a rocket going north.

We were thinking of going to Bahr's for lunch or even Moby's next door. We ended up going to The Clam Hut since we wanted to sit outside.

This paddle wheeler came by as we were sitting on the deck at the Clam Hut. I think it is a dinner cruise that leaves Atlantic Highlands and then goes up the Navesink River to Red Bank.

It was a good day. I did not get a ride in but sometimes it is good to do something different.

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