Monday, July 7, 2008

Stage 3 of the Tour de France brings mixed feelings

I am a big fan of the flat stages that are designed to be the showcase of the sprinters. Stage 3 was supposed to be one of those stages. However, early in the race there was a 4 man breakaway. Every stage has its breakaway and they are usually doomed to be caught by the peloton. This one was supposed to be no different.

Usually on these races the sprinting teams start to put their leadout guys up front and kickup the pace. This usually signals the end of the riders of the breakaway who have been sent out by their team managers to get some TV time for the sponsors. However, this breakaway was different. The 4 riders in the breakaway worked together and when they realized that they had a chance at a stage win and maybe the yellow jersey the breakaway picked up the pace.

As much as I would have liked to see the sprint for the finish watching the 4 guys get a well deserved win was fun. It was great to see a Garmin/Chipolte rider finish second and then head into the first time trial of stage 4 in third place.

It was another day of no riding for me. The weather has been so bad that all of us on the East Coast should get a Fourth of July do over. The rest of the week does not look much better. I have seen other riders out but it is just not worth getting caught in a down pour.

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