Sunday, July 6, 2008

Stage 2 of Tour de France with some random thoughts

If it stays like this for the rest of the Tour it is going to be interesting. In stage 2 all of the contenders were up front. The Yellow jersey even looked like he might get another stage win. Team Columbia's Kim Kirchen finished second to one day/sprint specialist Thor Hushovd.

I am a big fan of the early stages where the sprinters and one day specialists have a chance to shine.

Many of the teams are sponsored by banks but Team Barloworld has the most NASCAR like set of sponsors including Caterpillar (Barloworld is a large CAT dealer), Avis and Hyster. Team Barloworld also rides Bianchi bikes which are getting hard to get around here since most of their dealers are dropping them.

Trek is running commercials during the Versus coverage even though they have no frames in the tour. The only team riding Trek bikes Astana was not invited even though they have the number 1 and 3 finishers of the crazy 2007 tour. Cervelo and Specialized are continuing to run there ads. Specialized even ran a Tom Boonen ad even though Mr. Boonen was dropped from the tour after having too good a time during his down time between races.

The Take Back the Tour ad that Versus is running every 10 minutes is making me miss the dopers. While I do understand the need to try and clean up the sport I am not sure how I feel about the all cyclists are guilty attitude. No other pro sport is testing as much as cycling. The US football and baseball player's unions would definitely not allow the same type of testing to be used on their members.

It would be great if the 2008 Tour can finish without the silliness the marred the 2007 Tour.

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