Friday, August 24, 2007

I was back in Boston this past week

After a two day trip to Charlotte, NC and a couple of days off I was back in Boston for the usual Monday through Thursday Consultant Travel week. While I packed my camera I never took it with me when I ventured out in the evening. As a result I did not getting any pictures of bikes. Always seem to see some nice bikes when I do not have my camera. I found a couple of new streets that seemed to be prime Fixie areas. I even saw a bike based on the frame that I had my eye on at Cambridge Bicycles. I walked by a group of guys that were gathered around a Specialized Langster Boston that had changed out the stock brake levers and retaped the handle bars.

I also found the First Act Guitar Studio which is only a couple of blocks from the Berklee School of Music. For a company that makes mass produced instruments for Wal-Mart they do have some cool custom guitars that are priced right. Not sure I would give up my Les Paul Custom for one but they might make a nice second guitar. Of course I have not been doing a lot of guitar playing since I bought the Langster.

I stayed at the Cambridge Hyatt for the 3rd time. This time they gave me a 12 floor room facing the Charles River with a huge balcony. The weather on Monday was not that great but I was exhausted by the time I got to the hotel. I am not sure if I went very far. I think I just did a workout in the gym and ordered room service. The pictures below are from my balcony.

On my ride last Saturday I did bring my camera but there were not a lot of opportunities for taking pictures since I do not like to stop. However, I had stop on the Sea Bright - Rumson Bridge to adjust my water bottles so I decided to take out my camera and takes some pictures.

This is a party on the Rumson, NJ side of the river. My takes around the front of this property and the first guests were starting to arrive. It was a great day to be hanging out on the river. Not sure what the celebration was but I think it may have been a wedding.

The boat above was moored on the Sea Bright side of the river. Usually the big yachts are on the Rumson side. This thing is huge. I think it is much bigger than the house it is parked next to.

The picture above is from the bridge but is looking south to Monmouth Beach and Long Branch.


brettok said...

Boston looks like a cool town. You ever been to Flagstaff AZ?

Flametop59 said...

No. I have never been to Arizona.

Flametop59 said...

Boston is really a big college town. Harvard, MIT, Boston University and Berlee are all within walking distance of each other. Boston College and Northeastern are close as well. It creates a big city that can still provide the college atmosphere.

New York City has lots of colleges as well but I do not think the schools provide the same experience since many of them are almost commuter schools.

The downside is the cold weather will start moving in by the end of September. We had a preview last week with the fall like temperatures.

If you go to Boston bring your fixie. You will fit right in. It is probably the best way to get around.