Friday, August 31, 2007

More Boston Pictures (The last ones for a while)

I finished up in Boston this past week. It was kind of unexpected. We had a deliverable due at the end of the week so Monday was my only day to explore. I stayed at a downtown hotel this week (Hyatt Regency Boston). This meant that my exploritory walks started from a different point.
I found my way through Boston Commons and then into the Public gardens. Once I got to the other side of the gardens I realized that I had been in the same neighborhood but I had walked from Cambridge but turned around just one block before I got the the Public Garden entrance.

The guy with the dog almost got hit by the Boston Duck Tour truck. Even the driver was yelling at him the dog walker never got off his phone. I am not sure he even realized how close he came to becoming a angel.

I saw a fixie rider run into the back of a car in front of the John Hancock building after I took the picture. I heard the bump and I looked over in time to see the rider slide over the roof of the car. He appeared to be OK and continued on his way after checking his wheels.

There is a Dane Cook movie being filmed in Boston.

Some more Fixed/Single Speed Pictures.

I had dinner on Wednesday evening at the Boston Harvard Club. It is located on the 38th floor of 1 Federal. One of those unique experiences.


brettok said...

I really like the look of Boston. Cool pics bro. The NYC ones are cool too.

Flametop59 said...

I have a new trip planned for this week and I am going to work in an adventure. Stay tune for updates.