Friday, August 3, 2007

More Boston Fixie and Single Speeders

The Jersey below is one that I bought this week in Boston. Back Bay Bicycles in located in the Back Bay section of Boston and is directly across the river from MIT. Not really a big single speed shop but they did have the new Langster Boston. The folks that work there seem nice even though the shop mechanic seemed kind of surly.

Boston is definitely a fixie/single speed town. Might be because of all the colleges. I walked over to the Harvard side of Cambridge this week and I found an independent bike shop just off of the MIT campus that is in tune with the whole fixie/single speed movement. I ended running into the woman that was from New Jersey and works at Back Bay Bicycles at the Cambridge shop. She and her boyfriend (at least I think it was her boyfriend) both ride fixie. Her boyfriend's ride is one of the bikes pictured below.

I saw a lot more bikes than I have been able to take pictures of. Some of the nicest ones escaped me. I even saw someone on the Harvard campus riding a Langster exactly like mine but with a bigger frame. For some reason the rider looked cooler than I feel I look when I ride mine. Not really sure why. Might be an age thing.

Enjoy the pictures below. As always feel free to post your comments.

Here is a langster that has been customized and is running fixie. This is not the one I saw on the Harvard campus. Also, my Langster is Copper/Black.

I took the picture above in Cambridge Bicycles.

The bike above was outside Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) in Harvard Square.

I had a closer shot of the bike above but I was not quick enough. It is a really nice bike. I do not think the rider is riding fixie.

Another picture from inside Cambridge Bicycles.

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