Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Mom took part in the Auburn Great Race

I asked my mom to be a guest blogger. Here is her contribution.
(I added some pictures from past Great Races.)

I will try to step up to the table that my son set. I did the Great Race in Auburn NY this past Sunday. Our team did the short race which consited of a 5K run, 10 mile bike and a 2 mile canoe. For you experienced and young sports people this may not sound long but our team age average is 67. I feel at least we were there.

When I was asked to do this and I went to the web site and they gave the average age as 37.5 I knew we were in a little deep. We decided to just go for the t-shirt. We actually came out at 240 place which was not to bad. It was a very well run race and very enjoyable day. The weather was a little hot but the surroundings were great.

I saw all sorts of bikes and since I am not up on all the newest details I was very interested in all the varieties of bikes that were out there. Since I am also very interested in clothes I loved all the colors and different shoes etc that
were worn. I would definitely do this race again when I am even older....

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