Saturday, September 29, 2007

2 Wins for Holmdel (NJ) High School Freshman Girls Field Hockey

The Holmdel Freshman Girls Field Hockey has now won two games in a row. On Wednesday September 26 they beat Manasquan (NJ) at home by a score of 2 - 1. I missed the game since I was in California travelling on business.

On Friday September 28 they played away at Red Bank Regional and they won by a score of 2 -0. Since I took the red-eye home from California on Thursday I was able to attend the game. By the time I got to the field the game was underway but I able to see the first Holmdel goal as I was walking over to the bleachers.

As with every game I have been to most of the action has been on Holmdel's offensive side of the field. Even when they have lost it appears that Holmdel has been able to control the game. However, the team is now moving the ball with more power and now are a bigger threat to score further from the goal.

Holmdel scored another goal in the first half but it was disallowed (I have to really learn the rules since it looked good to me). While the team had several shots on goal throughout the second scored goal did not come until there less then 2 minutes left in the game. This goal was an impressive shot from the top of the crease that you could tell was going to be a score before it even hit the boards.

So far I have really enjoyed every game I have attended. It is fun to watch the team improve. They are now playing with more confidence and the scores of the games are now starting to reflect how they played. Even though it was an away game it was easy to see that the Holmdel fans were in good attendance. Certainly the fine fall day helped out.

I am travelling again this week and I am not sure that I will be able to attend a game. I did not realize the game was away and I ended up having to leave the house in a hurry so again I forgot my camera.

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