Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rutgers University vs. Brown University Women's Field Hockey 09-30-2007

My daughter, one for her friends and myself went to see Rutgers Women's Field Hockey play Brown University. The refereree at one of her games had suggested taking them to a TCNJ (The college of New Jersey) game but it is on the other side of the state but I checked out the schedule for Rutgers and there was a game scheduled for today at noon. I figured it would be a good experience for the girls to see the game played at the college level.

One of the things I noticed is that even at the college level it is tough to score. Rutgers dominated and had plenty of opportunities but were only able to score twice. Brown had what I though was a sure score only to have Rutgers dig in on defense and deny the attempt.

They play on turf at the college level which makes the game a little bit different than the one the Holmdel Freshman Girls play when they play on grass. The ball moves much faster on turf and there is a much more ball control.

My daughter and her friend really seemed to enjoy themselves. They spent most the game yelling out to the Rutger's team the same advice their coach gives them. "Sticks down!" "To the goal!" "Let it go!!"

Most of the fans where either parents (other family members), friends or former players. I expected to see more High School age folks like the Lacrosse games but there were not that many. Probably because it was played on a Sunday.

The game field for the Rutgers Field Hockey team is the practice field for the Rutgers Football team.
Not only did Rutger's win (2 - 0) but they got a shutout as well. Hopefully there will be other opportunities to bring my daughter and her friend back. I found it fun to watch.

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