Saturday, September 8, 2007

Lower Manhattan 2007

I had a meeting in Lower Manhattan. Since I had some meetings in Central New Jersey later in the day it did not make sense to take the train from Middletown Station. I decided to drive to Jersey City and park my car at the Journal Square. From there I can take the PATH Train 3 stops to the World Trade Center. I have only rode the PATH Train a couple of times since 2001. Of course the WTC station was closed for a couple of years after 9-11 and I have not had any work in Lower Manhattan. A lot of the firms that were down there pre 9-11 have moved to Mid-Town or out to New Jersey.

It still kind of freaks me out to see day light when the train pulls into the WTC station. However, the train makes its way around the famous "bathtub" and it is kind of interesting to see the Slurry wall that I had only read about previously. These days the WTC site is a hub of activity. In fact a Holmdel (my current home town) based company EE Cruz is doing a lot of the infrastructure work.

The picture above is the infamous Deutsche Bank (formerly the Bankers Trust Headquarters). This building is just south of the World Trade Center site but it was damage to the point that it could salvaged (I think it was due to deadly mold). It is currently being demolished but there was a fire recently that killed two NYFD fire fighters.

The entrance to the New York Stock Exchange. All the surrounding streets are limited to pedestrians. Wall Street. A river on one end, a church on the other and a playground in between.Lunch time. This is a cool restaurant row that was not there when I was working at Salomon Brothers. I really wanted to get something to eat but I did not have time. I wish I had since it would have been heathier than what I ended up eating.
Not many fixies in Lower Manhattan. I saw a couple of others but this is the only picture I could get.

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very interesting pictures. Nice to see that things are comming back to life after 9/11. We need to go back to NYC soon. toesnap