Saturday, May 24, 2008

It is Memorial Day Weekend!!

A three day weekend with no plans. I have had lots of stuff to write about but I just have not got around to keying the words in. It is 8 AM on Saturday and it is almost 60 out. I am finishing up my coffee and heading out on the roads. I have to put together a patio set so I am going to try and be back by noon.

I am posting some pictures of my new Specialized Tarmac Comp. As well as some of the bikes in stock at The Peddler in Long Branch, NJ. Mike the owner is the same size that I am and always has plenty of good bikes in stock under 54.

The yellow Pinerello is full Campy but is priced out at just under $10,000. As much as I like the bike I think I might go in a different direction if I were going spend $10,000. Since most of the guys I know have a sports car (since gas is close to $4 a gallon it is probably not a great investment) splurging on a bike might be out of the question but not for a couple more years.

In the mean time I will have to be happy with the Tarmac and the Langster. So far I have only had two rides on the Tarmac. A short 17 mile shake out ride where I found out that the bike needed some adjustments and it was not shifting properly. A quick trip back to The Peddler fixed that. I did a 40 mile ride after work last night. I am trying to get used to riding with the gears again. It is a little more challenging than I expected.

I have discovered that the Tarmac is much more responsive than the Langster. The carbon frame provides a smoother ride as well. The front derailleur needs a little adjusting and I am thinking of swinging by the Peddler this morning to have it looked at. Today is going to be a busy day for them.

I rode on Thursday evening with the A group at Holmdel Park. I brought the Langster instead of the Tarmac. It was the right decision but I definitely paid for it. The usual leader was not there. The group usually avoids Line Road but for this ride it was attempted. It is the first time I have ever unclipped and walked. My knees were aching and my heart was exploding. Next week I will bring the Tarmac and I am hoping that things will be different.

I had the camera on the wrong setting so the pictures are not as good as they should be. I might bring the camera with me today but I do not like to stop once I get on the bike.

I wanted everything to match on the bike so I had blue Specialized water bottle cages installed and I picked up a pair of Camelbak Podium Bottles at Bike Planet in Matawan.

The Peddler has several of these Jamis Xeniths in stock. Most of them are in the smaller sizes. There is even a time trial version (I am thinking that I need a TT bike now but I am not really sure why). At $6500 they are not cheap but they do look cool. I think it is a $3500 bike with $3000 wheels.

Time to hit the road.


brettok said...

Sweet bro, you got it! But the white bar tape must go, it's the rules....

Flametop59 said...

I agree the white tape has to go. I have already got black finger prints on it from throwing a chain. Not sure what color would work. Maybe blue.

I dropped the bike off at The Peddler yesterday. I am not sure when I am going to get it back. I think the back deraileur cage is not aligned properly.

Today is a rest day. Going to the beach.

brettok said...

The rules say black and black only...

Flametop59 said...

Generally I am not much of a fan of rules. However, I have not been too keen on the white tape.

The Peddler told me today that they have my shifting issues taken care of. Maybe I will have them change the tape when I get there. Depends on how much time I have.