Monday, May 26, 2008

Syracuse Unversity wins the NCAA Div 1 Lacrosse Championship

The trip to the beach was a bust. Oh we made the trip down there but I knew it was a bad sign when you leave the house late and still end up with a good parking spot. As soon as I crossed over the dunes I knew it was probably a waste of gas. While the sun was out in force the temperature at the beach (Spring Lake, NJ) was 5 degrees colder than it was inland and the wind was blowing strong out of the south. Most of our fellow sun worshipers were hanging out in sweat pants trying to make the best of it.

We ended up calling it quits after about 90 minutes of being blasted by sand. The good thing was that I was now going to be able to catch the SU vs John Hopkins in the NCAA Div 1 Lacrosse Championship. We got back to the house about midway through the 2nd quarter. I think Syracuse was down by 2 goals when I first turned on the TV. However, as I was unloading the car Syracuse erased the deficit and went into half time with a lead. Syracuse lead for the rest of the game. In the 3rd and 4th quarters pretty much man handled JHU and won their 10 national championship. John Hopkins played hard and closed with in 3 at one point but they just did not have the wheels to finish.

ESPN did an excellent job of covering the games. At one point I even thought that the view on TV was much better than the view I would have had if I were at the game. I would not have said that about the coverage that was provided by Comcast Cable on CN8 (although there was one rain drenched weekend that I watched a Princeton game and I was definitely glad to be watching from the comfort of my couch). The games were at Gillett Stadium and they were using the same camera angles that are usually provided for the Patriots' games. They have the overhead camera in use. They did a great job of following the ball.

They used to have the Championships at Rutgers on a regular basis. Now that they are able to book the big NFL stadiums I think that will be a thing of the past.

Above is the patio set I put together over the weekend. I originally thought it was going to be a bigger project than it turned out to be.


Anonymous said...

we here in Syracuse are very proud. good picture of Matt #3 what an honor for them and they worked so hard. toesnap

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the name of the music that is played after a Syracuse goal. It is great. Really pumps up the crowd.