Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rode the Tuesday Evening Independent Ride

It was nice riding with others last week so I decided to try the Independent Bike Group again. The Tuesday ride is a faster ride on a somewhat flat course with some rolling hills. I met the group last year but did not ride with them because I was worried about going out on an A ride with a single speed. I did not want to end up being the person that everyone is waiting for (I hate getting dropped).

Since I have put in a lot of mileage since I bought the Langster in June of 2007 and I rode consistently over the winter I figured I was in good shape. If I did get dropped it would be at the end and I could limp home. Plus I figured it is always cool to do something different.

When other riders notice that I am riding a single speed the first question is usually why? In fact that was a question I would have asked as well last year. The main reason for me was I was looking for something that would provide a good cardio workout and be less stress on my body than running. I also could not decide what kind of road bike I wanted and at $600 the Langster was price right.

I enjoyed the ride with the Independent Group and I found myself ride much better in a group. All together I rode just under 40 miles which is one of the longest after work rides I have ever had. I did get dropped twice at the end. It appears that the group goes out easy in the beginning and hammers on the way the back. When I am riding by myself I usually go out hard in the beginning and limp home at the end.

I am going to try and go out with the group on Thursday and do the hill training.


brettok said...

Looks like someone could be in the market for some gears!

Flametop59 said...

Yes sir I might. I almost went out and slapped down the credit card today. The Peddler has a 52 Tarmac calling my name. I am trying to fight the feeling though.