Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Weekend Rides (I hate flats)

Unlike the constant downpour we had on Friday that made me think that I might need to get working on an ark Saturday looked like it was going to be a good day for a ride. To change things up I decided to ride the course the Independent Group rode on Tuesday evening. I was planning on adding a variation to it to get it out to 40 some miles.

The ride heads out through Marlboro and then down to Freehold. It is a good ride on back roads that are mostly residential. I ended make a wrong turn somewhere and I found myself in downtown Freehold. As I was trying to navigate out to somewhere that I recognized I hear the awful sound of the air leaving my front tire.

I pull over onto the sidewalk and I change the tube out. I carry a hand pump and CO2. The last time I used the hand pump I could not get the pressure correct so I decided to try the CO2 again. The tire seemed to inflate correctly. However, as I checked out the tire I noticed that it was not in good shape. The tire was shredding around the valve. Since I was a long way from home and I did not want to have a problem in the middle of Marlboro or Colts Neck I decided to find a bike shop.

I knew that there was Giant Dealer called Freehold Bicycle on Rt 33 but I did not know how to get there from where I was. I asked a lady who was in her driveway and she gave me directions. Once I got to Rt33 I could not find the store so I made a quick phone call and discovered that I had already been by the shop but that it was hidden from my view.

I had been planning on replacing the rear tire anyways so I had the shop put on two new Continental 4000s. They were not busy yet and started work right away. 30 minutes later I was on my way. I ended up riding 62 miles on the Langster. I went longer than I planned because I thought that Sunday (today) was going to be another rainy day. I had my head around having a lazy Sunday (no rides) and getting a workout at the gym.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up to the sun shining. I was going to be forced to ride. I slept in a longer than I usually would have and then made myself breakfast. The sun was still shining so I changed into my riding clothes and got the Langster ready to go. The sky was very weird. Half of it was blue and sunny. The other half was dark and threatening. Kind of could go either way. I decided that it was not a good day to get too far away from the house. So I made Sunday in a hill training day.

I started riding loops around Takolusa Drive. It is a long step hill. I ended up doing 4 laps and then I ventured down Telegraph to take a lap around Lucent and then hit Catbird Alley. A I was riding around Lucent the wind picked up and the sunny/blue sky was much smaller I decided I should head home. I did a quick trip up Catbird and then pointed toward home. I just made since the rain started to come down just as I was putting the bike away.

20 miles is not bad considering I was not planning on getting any riding done. I also got to the gym in the evening. I also got to watch the Giro recap and Sunday Stage Show on Versus network. Of course I fell asleep.

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