Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another day of sudden storms

Sunny skies are becoming a worm on a hook for me. Today I learned my lesson though. Even though the weather report said that the weather was going to be nasty it was sunny and just partly cloud so the excersize fantic inside wanted to get out for ride. My lazy side was telling me to just hang out and see what was going to happen. The lazy side was right.

I am thinking of going to the gym to work out but my needy dog cannot stand being alone when storms are coming through. In fact when I am working down stairs in my basement she bangs on the door to come down. It is kind of a new thing. Now I am starting to feel an obligation to be around when the weather is nasty.

My daughter's flight back from Greensboro, NC has been cancelled. Looks like she is getting another day to hang out with her friend.

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