Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tuesday Evening Holmdel Park Independent Ride Pictures

Some pictures from the regular Tuesday Evening Holmdel Park Independent Ride.

It is just under 4 miles from my house to the Holmdel Park lower lot where the ride starts from. I ride to the start but there are lots of others who drive. Picture above are 3 regular riders that come down from Woodbridge, NJ.

We have been getting new riders almost every week. This weeks ride was probably the best attended of the Tuesday evening rides. We probably had close to 20 riders go out.

It is hard to get pictures of the ride. The pace is fast and there is not much time at the stop lights.

I took this shot over my back. I think was in Freehold.

This was probably the best group ride I have been on. I did spend too much time up front but it is a training ride so I want to make myself work so I tend to move forward even when I want to stay in the back. I am still having trouble with the climbs.

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