Friday, June 13, 2008

Thursday Evening Hill Ride

I brought my camera for the Thursday ride. In the past I have brought it but forgot to take pictures. These were taken in front of 4 JG Winery in Colts Neck. We were regrouping after messing up on a right had turn.

The Thursday evening ride is a hill climb day. The route is always different although the hills are usually the same. It leaves at 6 PM and is back at Holmdel Park by 8 PM at the latest.

I miss taking the Langster but it is fun to ride at an A+ pace. I have decided that I am more of a sprinter (probably a leadout guy if I was on a team).

I need to practice my shift. I try to anticipate the terrain but I think I sometimes shift a little too soon. The new 11 - 23T cassette is working out much better. I am not losing as much between each gear. I am also learning to hang out in the back when I need to rest. This is something I have not done in the past.

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