Friday, June 6, 2008

The Tarmac Gets New Gearing

For some reason the Specialized Tarmac Comp is delivered with a 11 - 28T cassette. I think that this is one of the problems I have been having on the hills. I can maintain the pace on the rolling flats but once I shifted down to make a medium climb (I was OK on the long climbs) the drop was to much and everyone sailed by me. I need up using all of my energy trying to catch back up to the pack.

I rode with the Tuesday Evening Group this week. I was telling them about my ride and they all suggested a new gear set. I called Bike Haven and they had a 11 - 23T Ultegra Cassette in stock and could install it for me while I waited. Garrett the head mechanic is very knowledgeable and got me setup quickly.

I did not get a chance to try it out yesterday but I am going to try to get one in this evening. I need to get a lifting day in this week since I have not been to the gym since Monday. It is going to be hot (Low 90s) on Saturday and Sunday so I will need to get up early and bring plenty of water.

I also adjusted my Park Repair Stand so that I can mount both the Langster and Tarmac using the seat post. I gave the Langster a little bit of love by lubing up the chain and giving it a wipe down. I need to take try and take the Langster out on a least one ride a week. I was thinking of using it on Thursday Hill Climb ride.

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