Sunday, June 29, 2008

Second Day of out running the rain

Saturday's ride was a repeat of Friday's ride. The only difference was that I got out mid day. It was hot and hazy but the weather report said that rain would be later in the day. I did learn some lessons and I decided to make it another climbing day and stay close to house.

I did get trapped into a false sense of security and I did venture out of Holmdel and into Colts Neck. As the storm clouds formed over my head I decided that I needed to correct my bad behavior and quickly turned around and made my way home. Of course I had to add a little extra mileage just increase the level of excitement.

The rain started to come down just as I was heading up to the shower. The first rain was just a summer shower. The next waves contained thunder and lightning.

The weather report is the same for Sunday as well. I am working all weekend so my riding window is very narrow. I may just head to the gym after breakfast.
I ended up watching Kevin Smith's Clerks all the way through for the first time last night. I have seen pieces of it I have never sat down and watched it end to end. I often ride on the same road that Dante and Randal take on the way to the funeral home. If you know the area you can tell that they are going back and forth on Leonardville Road. The go under the Navy Bridge for NWS Earle and then you see the Middle School on the right. You can see that they drove for a while and then turned around. The funeral home is over in Atlantic Highlands which would mean a different route. Funny movie really captures some of the culture of Bayshore (they love their hockey around here). Dante and Randal probably would have gone to Middletown North High School.

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