Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Evening Ride

I got home in time to go for a ride. I got a chance to use my new pump. I only wish that it came with instructions since I realised that it does not require an adapter after I had already put the adapter on it. Oh well it might be one of those learning experiences that cost money.

I had a good ride tonight. It looked like it might ran on the drive home but the sun was out by the time I pulled into my driveway. Once I parked the car I hustled into the house to change into my cycling clothes after checking the air in my tires I was on my way. I took the usual route through Holmdel Township. However, I took the steeper climb through a residential neighborhood.

I have been thinking that the Holmdel Lucent (formally AT&T Bell Labs) might be a good place to ride fixie. For the most part the center is unused since it was sold to a real estate company that is planning on developing the site. There is a level road around the building that is probably about 2.5 miles around that is still in good condition. There is little or no traffic so you could ride fixie without brakes and be pretty safe. I still have my eye on the Langster Comp (pictured above). At this point it is probably not worth investing in but I can still dream.

After taking two laps around Lucent I decided to head out through Middletown and then into Red Bank. The trip into Red Bank was a last minute decision. Since it was a nice early summer night I knew that it was going crowded with the usual summer weekend crowd I decided to swing through town. I was not disappointed since the town was in full swing. It was a little challenging getting over the steel bridge into town. I had to watch that I did not get hooked onto a side view mirror.

I made my way over to Broad Street and I stopped at the Smoothie King and had a quick conversation with the owner Dave. I wanted to be back before it got to dark so I took a direct root home with is really a slow steady climb with a quick downhill run back to my neighborhood.

Anytime I can get a ride in on a work day evening is a good day. Not sure what it going to happen for Saturday. I know I will not be able to get out early since I have a lot of errands to run in the morning. Might not get a real long one. Might try for 30 to 40 miles. Sunday is still unsure as well since it is Father's day.

My technique is getting much better. I am able to climb most hills in the saddle which will allow me to tackle higher and longer climbs. I own a magazine that lists the 100 best climbs in the US and there are couple located in New Jersey so I am thinking of trying them out.

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