Saturday, June 16, 2007

What a day!! (Errands galore and a flat tire on top of it all)

It is mid day on a Saturday and I still have not got a ride in. I spent the morning running errands. Drop the dog off at the groomers, mail expense receipts, run to Target and stop by Dry Cleaner. It looks like my dry cleaner has decided to close for the Summer. I wish he had told me that before I dropped my stuff off last week. I was able to pickup my dry cleaning from last week but I had to go to the dry cleaners across the street where I used to go. It is probably for the best since I was having trouble with the hours this one kept.

I finally got back to the house and changed into my cycling clothes. I checked the air in the front tire and I thought I had checked the air in the back tire but I guess I did not. I as soon as I mounted the bike and rode a couple of feet I know I had a rear flat tire. I must have broke the stem when I was filling up the tires for last nights ride. I knew that I was going to learn a lesson that cost money. I have to admit that I was lucky on two accounts. 1. I was still home when I had the flat and 2. I had a spare tube.

I have not changed a tire in some time. I was not even sure I remembered how. However, I lucked out again since I had tire irons available as well. Two were attached to my old pump and I bought a couple last week. Taking the tire off of a single is a little more challenging than taking one off of a standard road bike. Since the hubs are not quick release you need a wrench. When I picked up the bike I knew that I was going to have to carry a wrench with me and the guys at the The Peddler recommended the dog bone wrench to me. This is a great tool and is item 246 in the picture above.

I got the tire off and I changed out the tube but I did not want to go riding unless I had another spare tube so ran out the Bike Haven in Fair Haven, NJ and I picked up two spare tubes. I am currently carrying CO2 cartridges with me as a road pump but I think I might invest in a portable hand pump next.

As soon as I pick my dog I am going to make another attempt at getting a ride in. I am a little concerned about how I have set my chain tension. I think it is OK but I am not sure. I am going to stay local today just to check it out.

However, at this point I almost feel like laying on the couch and watching the US Open. Too bad Phil missed the cut. Might have another first time winner this year.

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Anonymous said...

at least now you know how to fix a flat....Hope the dog grooming was a success. Toesnap