Sunday, June 3, 2007

Giro D'Italia will end today (June 3, 2007)

Today is the last day of the Giro D'Italia. I have been following it via since the Versus Network has only had one day of coverage per week. This is probably the first time I have really followed the Giro. In the past I have really only followed the Tour de France. I think that is probably because the America riders that want to do well in the Tour usually skip the Giro or take a lesser role on the team.

I think George Hincapie is a regular on the Giro and I believe that Lance Armstrong rode it couple of times as Mr. Hincapie's support. Andrew Hampsten won the Giro in 1988 but I do not think he got a lot of press coverage here in the US. Mr. Hampsten did well in the Tour de France but never won it so he is not remember as much as Greg Lemond or Lance Armstrong.

I think I like the Giro as much if not more than the Tour de France. The appeal of watching both races on TV is seeing the European country side. Both races cover a lot of territory in both France and Italy. For me it is almost like a European vacation without the jetlag.

This years podium at the Giro will be as follows.

  1. Danilo Di Luca (Liquidgas) - Rides Cannondale

  2. Schleck (Team CSC) - Rides Cervelo

  3. Eddy Mazzolena (Astana) - Not really sure what Mr. Mazzolena rides

The 2007 Giro will be remember mostly for what happened off the course. Hopefully things will be wrapped up by the time the Tour de France starts and those of us who care can look forward to an exciting race that will have new faces on the podium and wearing the Yellow (Tour Leader), Green (Sprinter Leader), White (Rookie Leader) and Polka dot (King of the Mountains) jerseys

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brettok said...

Mazzoleni and Astana team are on BMC's this year.