Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A single gear riding club (Potential Slogans)

I am thinking of starting a single gear riding club to be centered in Red Bank, New Jersey. I found this company called Zaavy ( that will create custom cycling jerseys. I have been using the default tool to create the front design and I have been thinking of slogans to go on the back.

Here is the list so far.
  1. Less Gears, More Beers (Given to me by my new friend in New Zealand)

  2. One Gear, No Fear

  3. Friends don't let friends shift!

  4. Friends don't let friends coast! (for the fixies)

  5. No brakes, one gear, lots of pain! (for the fixies)

Any additional suggestions would be appreciated.

As much as I like my new bike, I actually like my new SIDI Zetas ( even more. It is amazing how much better a ride can be with good shoes. The only downside is that these cycling shoes can get crazy expensive. I cut corners on my first set of shoes and I wish I had sprung for the SIDIs right up front. I also have a pair of Diadoras MTB shoes that I use for indoor cycling (ie. spinning). The diadoras are nice but the SIDIs are much better.

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