Saturday, June 2, 2007

My new bike (Specialized Langster)

I have been looking for a new road bike for sometime now. Over the last couple of months I have been really looking around. Several years ago I decided that Trek was the best bang for the buck as far as the mass produced bikes go. However, over the past year I have started looking at other brands such as Scott, Giant, Cannondale and Specialized. I would love to be able to get a hand made carbon frame with full Italian (Campy) components but that would be out of my current price range.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been running into people that ride fixed gear/single gear road bikes. At first I was not really that interested but I started taking spinning classes at my gym. I noticed that the 1 hour class completely drains me. It is a high intensity workout and I am not able to my weight lifting after the class because I am just too exhausted. While I always enjoyed riding I never felt it was as effective as running.

It started to occur to me that riding a single gear bike might be the way I could get same kind of workout I get from running or spinning classes. It would also allow me to get outside to enjoy the nice spring and summer weather we have in New Jersey. It would also be less wear and tear on my body (I can no longer run like I used to).
The simplicity of the single gear bike really appeals to me as well. Less moving parts and no derailleurs needing adjustment.

The bike is a Specialized Langster which is the entry level model in the Langster line. Currently it is the only model in the Langster line that has breaks. All of the other bikes are fixed gear only track bikes. This bike was pretty hard to find. The Peddler in Long Branch, NJ only had a 56 assembled. They also had a Cannondale Capo 54 that turned out to be too big. I was getting ready to leave when the salesperson mentioned that they did have a 52 but it needed to be assembled and would not be available until the end of the week. I was worried that I was going to need a 54 so I started calling around. The story was always the same. Almost every store had sold the last one. They could order one but only the brushed silver frames were available.

I decided to wait and try out the 52. Turns out it fits me fine and is in the color I wanted.

The bike comes with pedals and toe clips but I already had Shimano 105 pedals so I had the bike shop install them along with two water bottle holders.

Specialized is adding several new models of Langsters for 2008. They are supposed to be available sometime over the summer. They are going to have special bikes based on cities around the world. Knapp Cyclery (Trenton/Princeton NJ) showed me the new catalog. The bikes are really nice. Check them out if you get a chance.


William (in Toronto) said...

Please let us know how your new bike performs. I'm an avid spinner and I also like to get out on the road in spring summer and fall, but not sure about a single speed bike. s it strictly for flat country? How would it perform on hills?

Flametop59 said...

Hi William,

Thank you for reading my blogs.

I rode over 4000 miles since I first purchased the Langster in June of 2007. If you like spinning you will like riding a single speed. Hill climbing is a great workout but you have to anticipate the topology.

This year's bike was Specialized Tarmac Comp which is not as much fun as the Langster. In fact I am faster on the Lanster at this point.

The single speed has a much cheaper entry point than the Full Road bike. Find a couple of other riders to do the same and get out of the gym for the summer. Especially after that long winter in Toronto.

Take care,


Dan said...

Nice blog dude,
Just ordered a langster myself glad to see you enjoy riding it!

Flametop59 said...

Hi Dan,

Thank you for reading my blog. I love my Langster. I have put around 6000 miles on it since I got it.

Single Speed/Fixie season is starting. I ride the single in the winter since it has less moving parts to get gummed up in the crummy weather.

Which model Langster did you get?