Friday, June 29, 2007

I am hoping to Ride Today

Since I do not have a commute today I was hoping to get a ride in before starting work. Unfortunately the storm that moved in last night has not completely moved out. Now I am going to shoot for a lunch time ride. If I am going to be on vacation next week I hope the weather is going to be a little nicer. It always seems like the really nice days are the ones that I am chained to a desk in a building.

I have been watching the status of the fire that has been raging in the South Lake Tahoe area. I am particularly interested since I spend several weekends in January and February in South Lake Tahoe skiing at Heavenly Peak . I was trying to get an idea of where the fire was burning. I originally thought that it might be out near Kirkwood but CNN ran a picture from Heavenly that and you could see the flames. They have the fire about 70 % contained and are expected to get it taken care of in time for the 4 of July Holiday.

This is a picture I took as I was leaving Lake Tahoe after the weekend. I think this is the area the fire is in. I know that Fire Command was setup at the Airport which you can kind of see in the upper right hand part of the picture.

I hate to see people loose their homes and possessions but in the end it might be just the cost of living in paradise. Mother Nature can be a tough customer.

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