Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bike Pictures from Boston (With Updated Pictures)

I am working in Boston now for the next couple of months. Boston is definitely FIXIE Town. It seems like everyone rides fixie and single speeders in this town. I found a Specialized Dealer (Back Bay Bicycles)close to the hotel that I have been staying at and they have one of the new 2008 Langster Boston bikes in stock. Very sharp bike but I have seen several that look just like it on the streets of Boston.

I made sure to bring my camera and I have been taking pictures. The picture above is of the Citgo Sign that is right outside Fenway. The Police are playing here this weekend. I have been hangout after work in the Back Bay neighborhood that is across the Charles River from my hotel in Cambridge. This looks like a fun place to live. Since I grew up in Syracuse, NY I am sure I can handle Boston winters.

The picture above is the first bike I saw. I had only been in town about 20 minutes when I saw this gold beauty in front of the building where my new project is located. Notice the brake levers but there are no brakes installed. The funny thing about messenger bikes is that they seem to show up and disappear fast.

I saw this one on the way back from lunch on the first day. I noticed that alot of the messengers in Boston are women riding fixie. Much more than I saw in New York. I often saw couples out riding together on there fixies. Really cool.

I am staying in Cambridge and I was walking across the Charles River to find a Drug store. This Parlee was on a car parked in front of a boat house on Memorial Drive in front of MIT. It was raining so I think the owner decided not to ride this day. I walked by the same car later in the week and the roof rack was empty. This is one of the nicest bikes I saw all week. At least the nicest that I could get a good picture of.

I tried to talk to the riders but they did not really seem open to conversation. They probably consider me a poseur which is probably true.

The bike above looks like the 2oo8 Specialized Boston. I saw a lot of bikes just like this.

The riders down by my office seemed to be all working as messengers but the riders in the Back Bay neighborhood appeared to be students and urban residents out enjoying the nice weather. Harvard and MIT are in Cambridge while Boston University is across the river in Boston.

I met a woman in the Back Bicycles shop who went to Northeastern which is not too far away. The woman worked at the bike shop and asked me if I was from New Jersey. I told her that I was and I asked her if she was as well. Turned out she was from South Jersey. For a while I was wondering how she knew that I was from New Jersey and then it hit me that I was wearing my Rutgers Lacrosse t-shirt. I thought it was kind of funny.

I have lots more pictures. I may have to do another post about my trip to Boston. I am supposed to spend the next couple of months in Boston.


brettok said...

some cool bikes there. So when are you going fixed mate?

Flametop59 said...

I have a lot more pictures that I did not have time to post. I am going to add more over the weekend.

I really want to go fix but I am going get a bike that I can dedicate to fix. Probably a Langster Pro.

Eric said...

Funny, I randomly stumbled upon your blog and realized I recognized most of the bikes you've taken pictures of. I lived in Boston for the last two years, going to school, and I just moved back home to Syracuse, NY. I've been riding fixed since around January, along with a lot of my friends starting in the last year, and I've gotten to know a lot of people through it. There's a really good crowd of riders in Boston, but I really didn't feel safe riding there after the recent increase in cycling-related fatalities.

Take care

Flametop59 said...


That is funny that you are from Syracuse. So am I. Lived there for all of my school years.

I ride my bike in on the freewheel side of the hub. I want to go to a track and ride fixie but so far it has not happened.

Thank you for reading my blog.

bonnie's photos said...

nice pic...