Thursday, July 12, 2007

Took a day off from riding and went to Six Flags Great Adventure

I have been planning to take a day off for some time now but I know that it is going to be hard to get rides in after this week so I took advantage of every opportunity. I made my third trip to Six Flags Great Adventure this year. By now the thrill is gone but my daughter has her oldest friend visiting this week and they both planned on going.

The girls really did not want me hanging around with them so we decided a couple of meet up times and then took off in different directions. My role on these types of adventures is to function as a domestic. I carry items that the girls have determined to be two big. I also handle the refreshments and feedings.

I have pretty much had my fill of riding rollercoasters this year so I had planned on doing easier things like taking in the shows. I tried to see the Dolfin show on the last trip but it did not work out but I was able to watch it. As the show was getting ready to start I got call telling me that the team leads were hungry. The show has two bottlenose dolfins and one large seal. The overall theme of the show is pirates.

I rode some of the tamer rides and I did ride one rollercoaster (Batman). The highlight of the day was watching the tiger show. If you go to Great Adventure make sure you see this show. The trainers appear to really care about the animals. The show is not about jumping through hoops and rings of fire but it is about showing the strengths and abilities of the beautiful tigers. I caught the 3 PM show and I wanted to bring the two girls to the 6 PM show but it did not work out.

The girls rode every open rollercoaster except for Batman. Several rollercoasters were closed today including Kingda Ka (pictured above) and The Great American Scream Machine. Kingda Ka always seems to be closed. I have not rode it yet but I did what in line earlier in the year with my daughter and her friend. It looks like a lot of fun but it is not worth the dizziness I experience for 30 minutes after I get off the ride.

I did not get a chance to watch any Tour de France coverage. I watching the replay as I am writing this post. It looks like there is a new person wearing the Green Jersey for tomorrow. I think the CSC team looks strong. I think they might surprise people since it appears that Fabian Cancellara is determined to defend the Yellow Jersey for as long as he can.

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