Monday, July 16, 2007

New York City Single Speed Pictures - July 16, 2007

I had to go into the New York office today and I made sure I brought my camera to get some pictures of some Single Speeders (extra points for fixie!!). I forgot to look for bikes for most of the day but when a messenger rode by me I decided to get my camera out. I started looking so hard for bikes that I almost walked out into traffic. I did end up missing one train and I had to take a later one which meant I missed my evening ride window.

This was taken in Little Italy over the weekend but I figured that I would rerun it the way newspapers do.

My first attempt at catching a messenger. Kind of hard to tell what I was taking a picture of. They come by so fast I found I had to see the riders at least a block away if I wanted to get a decent photo.

This one was easy to get. I had already crossed over to the west side of 6th Avenue when I spotted this bike. I ended up crossing back over to the east side to get this picture. I have noticed that the messangers that ride fixie have a lot more pride in ownership.

I saw this guy coming but I had to wait for a bus to pass before I could get the picture.

After a few minutes I realized I could tell a fixie rider just by the way he was riding. I can not explain the difference but my eye started to pickup on it.

The DIY Single Speed method.

This kid was walking with his mother and I had the camera on so I snapped the photo. BMX bikes are still single speeds.


brettok said...

nice work,,,I'll put this post on the SS blog if you don't mind?

Flametop59 said...

Feel free to add this to the SS Blog.

gwadzilla said...

I spend a good amount of wandering about the city

the small city of washington dc

with a camera
I shoot images of cyclist
and cycling culture

Flametop59 said...

I am traveling right now but I have lots of new pictures to post. Most of them are much better than the NY ones.