Sunday, July 1, 2007

A ride on Sunday with a Pay It Forward Moment

Today is an A weather day in New Jersey. It is cool (Mid 70s) with a nice breeze and sunny partly cloudy skies. The late evening storms of the past couple of days must have pulled all the humidy out of the system.

I got out of the house around 9 AM. I was not really sure where I was going to go but my plan was to go out for about 2 hours and see how I feel. It seemed like everyone else had the same idea since I passed several riders before I even left Holmdel. In fact I passed one group twice. Once on Telegraph Road in Holmdel and another time on Sunnyside Road by Bamm Hollow Golf Course.

Passed another gentleman riding a old Bianchi. At one point he caught up with me at a light and I slowed down (he sped up) so we could talk for a few minutes. The gentleman was telling that he used to have a Specialized Allez but the frame broke. I was telling him about my Langster. He started laughing because his son's name was Lange and they call him Langster. We talked for a few minutes and he seemed interested in the bike. The Peddler had a 56 that probably would have fit him but I think it was sold.

As I was coming down RT 520 in Rumson I happen to see a rider pushing his bike across the road. Since I was to turn down the same road I went over and asked him if everything was alright. I caught him in mid chew and once he swallowed his food he told me that he had a flat and that he had already used up his spare. I offered him one of my extra tubes. As I was doing this a woman cyclist came the other way and asked if everything was alright. I told her that the rider had a flat. She offered up one of her tubes and offered to help change it. Since I carry a spare tube in my jersey pocket I gave the rider one of mine and I told him to help someone else out down the road.

I was originally going to head back home through Red Bank but I decided to cross the Oceanic bridge again and then head up to Scenic Overlook. The road along the cliffs between Highlands and Atlantic Highlands is becoming one of my favorite ride. Once you pass the Scenic Overlook Park there is a 2 - 3 mile downhill ride that has some real nice curves. Since traffic is light it is possible to use the whole road and speed through the multiple S turns. So much fun that I thought about climbing back up to do it again but I did not.

It was such a nice day that I decided I wanted to stay out longer so instead of taking the flat Leonardsville Road home I made my way up a hill and over to Navesink Road. I took the Oceanic Bridge for the 3 time today. As I was heading through Fairhaven I noticed that Bike Haven was open so I stopped in so that I could replace my recently donated spare tube.

As much as I really wanted to stay out even longer it was time to head home. I ended up ride just short of 4 hours. Other than the quick stop at Bike Haven I was in the saddle the whole time. I did not bring my camara so I do not have any new pictures but like the newspapers and tv news I am going to rerun stock photos that I have taken in the past.

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