Tuesday, July 3, 2007

July 3, 2007

Today's ride was a training ride. I probably should have taken the day off but I am on vacation and I had heard that July 4 is not going to be that nice. However, I just checked Weatherbug and it looks like Thursday is going to be miserable. Today is another nice, partly cloudy day with very little humidity.

I know have most of my training routes layed out. I have a 1 hour loop, 2 hour loop and a 3.5 hour loop. They are all variations of basically the same loop I just take different cutoffs. I do not like out and back routes so most of the loops are kind of figure 8s.

Today I took the 3.5 hour loop. I definitely have not recovered from yesterday's ride. I have described my 3.5 hour loop in other posts but know I think I have to perfected so that it makes for a better workout. It has everything that I want in a training run. Several challengling climbs, flats for sprinting and a fun down hill run (Ocean Blvd in Atlantic Highlands). About the only thing my training routes are missing are runs by the beach areas. I like riding around the beach front since it is great for people watching but it breaks up the momentum of a good training ride. I will save the beach ride bys for the longer weekend kind of rides.

Buying the Single Speed Langster was a great idea. I have made a decision that I am going to stay out of the gym for much of the summer. I may go when the weather is not nice or when I get home to late from work to ride. I was getting burned out and it was hard to motivate myself to go. I often cut my workouts short. I just was not enjoying lifting weights.

I am not sure what made me go to a Spinning class but one day I just decided to go. I think I wanted a change and spinning class seemed like a good place to start. I also think that helped me make the decision to get a Single Speed Bike (at the time I was calling it a Fixed Gear Bike but I have since come to know better). I noticed that I was physically exhausted after a 1 hour spin class. I usually used the Eliptical Trainer for 30 - 60 minutes before my weight workout but I found that it was hard to lift after a spin class. This got me thinking that a Single Speed Bike might be a better replacement for running (my calves are shot and my running days are mostly behind me know).

I am still going to buy a good full road bike but I am just not sure when. At this point I am having fun and the workouts are great. If I owned road bike I am not sure I would even ride it that much. In fact I have been thinking about building a new single speed bike. The folks at The Peddler have suggested I look into a Seven Cycles Frame since they will custom make a frame with the things I am looking for. Although I am not sure it make sense for me to spend $2000 plus on a single speed bike. At this point it is out of the question anyways. I am just dreaming.

My long training route goes through Rumson, Fairhaven and Red Bank. Today when I rode through these towns they were busy getting ready for tonight's Fire Works display. It looks like big crowds are expected. I am thinking of taking the NJ Transit from Middletown to Red Bank. Since it is a weekday the trains will be running in both directions on a regular schedule so it would work out nice.

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