Monday, July 2, 2007

The Langster Sends Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ

I was only going to ride for an hour or so today but I ended up riding my longest ride on Langster. I think I covered about 70 miles. The picture above was taken just at the Asbury Park city line. There is a small lake with a paved loop between Allenhurst and Asbury Park. I thought of going over to the Stone Pony and taking a picture there but most of Asbury Park is under construction will all the new development. I was already further south than I had planned so I took this picture and made the loop to turn around and head back.

It was another incredible day in New Jersey. I am glad that I am on vacation this week since today would have been one of those days where I would have said "I wish I was on vacation."

The wind on the way back north was stiff. I did wish I had some extra gears but I was also running out of energy so it probably would not have made much of a difference. As I was riding along the boardwalk in Long Branch I passed a kid on an older Fuji which must have been a hand-me-down since it was a little too big for him. He did not like me passing him and he caught me at the Pier. I caught him again just before RT 36 and passed him but he decided he had had enough. I heard him shift into another gear and that was that. I was think of trying to chase him down but I then change my mind since I still had about 15 miles to go. Maybe he is going to become one of the next great American cyclists.

In the early part of the ride I rode Ocean Blvd in Atlantic Highlands. Below are some pictures I took at the top of the hill. Right now this is my favorite part of the ride.

The picture above is in someone's driveway. The view was so great I had to stop.

This is from the same spot but I was trying to zoom in to the Manhattan Skyline. Manhattan is in the back. The tip of Sandy Hook is in the front and the first set of buildings is Brooklyn.

The Verrazano Bridge. Connecting Staten Island with Brooklyn (Bay Ridge). This is from the same driveway. I wonder if they ever get tired of the view.


Anonymous said...

one more good ride for you toesnap

gwadzilla said...

I bought an old beach cruiser at an auction in Asbury Park

it was a sweek old cruiser from another time

lent it to a friend
it got stolen