Thursday, November 15, 2007

4 Weeks traveling to Richmond, Virginia and 4 Delays Returning to Newark

I have been flying back and forth between New Jersey (out of Newark) and Richmond, Virginia for the last 4 weeks. Originally this was going to be my last week but I am now extended for several months. The project was a good one but the return flight has been ugly. I have been delayed by several hours every week. If I did not have to pass through the Washington, DC area I might think about driving.

As I was finishing up the paragraph above we got the call to start boarding. I guess they decided to herd us on to the place so that we could sit on the runway for 60 plus minutes because that is exactly what we did. The flight is suppose to leave at 5:05 PM but so far it has not even come close. I got home at about 10 PM tonight.

My luggage was the first one off the carousel. Second time it has happened in the last couple of weeks. I guess it is the simple things because that event can usually make my day. I read an article once that stated that one of the reasons to travel is to experience the thrill of having your luggage come off first.

Hopefully I get a chance to do some riding over the weekend. Not sure if the weather will cooperate with me.

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