Thursday, November 8, 2007

Project Bike

I recently posted that I was looking to get a full road bike like a Specialized Tarmac. However, as I ride my Specialized Langster I think I really do not want a road bike as much as I wanted an upgraded version of the Langster. Unfortunately, there are not really that many options unless I want to ride a pure track bike. Which means I have to ride fixie, give up a rear brake and ride without water bottle cages attached to the frame. I am pretty sure this is not for me.

So far the easiest way for me to upgrade is to go with a full road bike. I think that I would miss the fun and challenge of riding long distances with a single speed. However, I have not been willing to give up and I have been spending some of my spare time researching and exploring options. The spreadsheet below is my first attempt at configuring and pricing out a new single speed bike.

I saw several IRO bikes when I was in Boston and the Jamie Roy model is what I am looking for. It has several things that I like about the Langster. It is not a converted track frame but is designed to be ride as a single speed/fixie road bike. It has braze ons for water bottle cages and is drilled to take a rear brake. This frame comes in a 53 which is probably a better fit than the 52 Langster I am currently riding. I could also go with the Soma Rush Frame as well.

I think the $279.00 includes an steel/aluminum fork. I am thinking that I might like to go with an Easton Fork. The question I keep coming back to is "Does it make sense to put a $200 fork on a $279 frame?" However, I could probably save around $100 if I went with another brand but that does not get me that much closer to $1000 which is about where I wanted to be.

I am thinking of going with the FSA Carbon Pro Crank. I saw one on a Langster Pro at a bike shop in NY. I thought about saving some money by going with a Sugino 75 but it turns out the savings is minimal and would still not get me that much closer to $1000. The crank on my Langster is one of the things that I really want to replace. I could put a Sugino 75 or a FSA crank on it but that would be about $300 (including a new bottom bracket) and that is about half what I paid for the Langster in the first place.

For the brakes, brake levers and headset I am thinking of going with Cane Creek. My Langster has a Cane Creek headset on it. Of course there are other options but the price would not change.

Most of the other components selected are place holders. I would most likely use road drop bars since I am not sure I want to ride long distances using a track bar. The Easton bar looks like the way to to. I could probably save a couple dollars going with a different brand but I can make that decision later. Same situation with the seat post. I may have under budgeted for wheels but it should even out since I think I over estimated on couple of other items.

The biggest issue that I am going to have is that I do not trust my mechanical abilities. I may have to work with a bike shop so that I can get someone to put it together. It might be fun to put together myself. I could also save some money by sourcing the parts from multiple stores on the Internet. I could put my Park Repair Stand to good use as well

I have all winter to think about it. For now my Langster is a great bike that I am having fun riding.

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