Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I ended up changing my plans and not going to Syracuse for the holiday. I am having a hard time getting back to Syracuse for a visit. All the traveling for work makes it hard to travel on the weekends. I am going to just have to tough it out one of these days.

I usually try to avoid business travel on the week of Thanksgiving. In the past I have shutdown my project (no travel and work from home) because it is usually not a good use of project funds to fly into a city for only two days of work (everyone always wants be be home by Tuesday evening even when they travel).

Things kind of worked out for me. I finished my project in Richmond last Friday. However, there is a new one starting on Monday but I needed to take some vacation time so I told them I was going to take Wednesday and Friday off with Thursday as a holiday. I then made the suggestion that it probably was not worth the airfare for 2 days of onsite work so it was agreed that I would work from home on Monday and Tuesday. It worked out well since I need to get my final report done on the project that I finished last week.

One of the good things was that while the weather was miserable on Monday and Tuesday it started to clear up as my vacation was starting. I rode 46 miles on Wednesday. I added a flat loop to my usual ride that extends it a couple of miles. For some reason the ride wore me out and I ended up taking a nap in the late afternoon.

Since I knew today was going to be busy getting the Thanksgiving meal prepared I was planning on getting up early and getting a ride in. No such luck. I knew it was going to be unseasonably warm (high of 70) so I wanted to take advantage. I did not get on the road until around 1o AM. I wanted to be back around 1 PM if possible. I ended up riding about 33 miles.

I passed some other riders on Wednesday but not too many. I did see the guy on the sea foam green (Team HealthNet) Giant riding the opposite way as me on 520 in Rumson. There were some other riders out today as well but mostly singles out for a pre-feast tune up. I expected to see more groups.

A lot of the High School Football teams played today. Most of the games have little meaning for the season but are town rivalries. Middletown South played Middletown North and Holmdel played Keyport. The game was at 10 AM on Holmdel's Roggy Field. I stopped by to catch the score and I saw Keyport score to make it 14 - 7 in favor of Holmdel. I did not stop for long since it was just about half time. Holmdel won and finished the season at 10 - 1. They lost to Rumson - Fair Haven on Friday which knocked them out of the championships.

It is supposed to be a little colder tomorrow. I am starting to get used to the cold weather. The warm weather kind of freaked me out today since I was not sure how to dress for my ride. I actually ended up wearing shorts and I put a long sleeve shirt underneath one of my short sleeve jerseys. Turned out to be the perfect combination.

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