Monday, November 19, 2007

Owen Wilson, Swobo Bikes and People Magazine

The women in my household get People Magazine on a weekly basis (they also get US Magazine as well). I was thumbing through this week's issue and I noticed that actor Owen Wilson was riding a single speed Swobo bike while his new girlfriend walked beside him. I guess it kind of shows my priorities since I probably noticed the bike before I notice Owen Wilson or his new girlfriend.

I have been on the Swobo site several times because they make some cool riding clothes (including the Breaking Way Tribute Jersey). I have looked at the bikes a couple of times but I did not recognise the model so I went to the website and found that it is the Swobo Folsom. While at first glance it appears to be a Fixie; the specs state that it has a coaster brake.

Maybe I should go ahead with my plan of opening up a bike messenger culture store in Red Bank, NJ. Use the trendy fashion to fund the actual bike riding. I am not being sarcastic. Just not sure if retail is for me.


brettok said...

I love Swobo gear, but their bikes don't do much for me, but at least it shows Wilson has some taste....

Flametop59 said...

I am thinking that Owen Wilson probably got the bike for free. In any case I do not want to be too harsh since I have always enjoyed all of his movies.

I have not ordered any Swobo stuff since the Jerseys only zipper half way down. I do like the cool designs and I will probably get something for next year.

brettok said...

I'd like to hear more about your bike messenger shop idea.... you'd have a lot of fun analysing the freaks it'd attract!

Flametop59 said...

I could put in next to the Von Dutch shop in Red Bank. The Von Dutch is supposed to be a custom chopper dealer but I think they mostly sell t-shirts.

There are a couple of Messenger shops in NY City. Track Star in Manhattan and King Kog in Brooklyn. I have links to both of them.

I really wanted to open a Specialized Concept Store but Specialized never got back to me. I took it as a sign (it said NO).

The shop that I bought my Langster at used to have a store in Red Bank but they closed. The location is now a store that sells expensive jeans and shirts to go with it. $100 for a Led Zepplin Tour Vintage Reproduction Tour Shirt.

brettok said...

King Kog...awesome! I'll come and work for you, no problem. Has to be Specialized though, I'd never sell another brand, they are the business.

Flametop59 said...

I still think that Red Bank needs bike shop in town. The rents are kind of high and the good locations do stay on the market for long.

I am a big fan of Specialized as well. I think they have a good product line.

brettok said...
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Anonymous said...

he in fact, bought the bike from New Yorks Bicycle Habitat.
Paid for it in cash.
true story.