Sunday, November 18, 2007

It is getting close to the end of bicycling season and the ski season is starting

I got a 42 mile ride in on Saturday. If I knew that it was going to be one of the last days of riding I might have gone further. The weather has been very kind to me this fall and I think I have been given a false sense of security. It looks like it might be the only ride for a while.

Right now my gear will allow me to ride comfortably down to the low 40s. Couple of changes like a long sleeve Under Armor shirt underneath a my long sleeve jersey, a pair of long fingered thermal riding gloves (I am now using glove liners under my open fingered riding gloves), a heavier hat (beany) and I should be able to ride comfortably into the mid to high 30s.

However, I think my rides will be somewhat shorter. Since the start of Saturday's ride was not fun at all. I was not feeling it and it certainly did not feel like I had rode hard all summer. The first climb up Holland Hill Road as tough and I did not get warmed up until about the 10 mile mark. Things felt much better after that point.

One of things I have noticed on my bike is that feels like the something is rubbing against my tire as I get to the end of the run. I notice it on the slight upgrades. I thought it might be either the rear brake touching the rim or the chain getting gunked up. I have checked for both. I have cleaned the chain and realigned the rear wheel. I am starting to think that it is just that I am tired at the end of the ride and I notice changes in grade easier. I might also be that the wheels on the Langster are not the most aerodynamic and slight gusts could be causing some drag. Now that the season is over it may be time to get the Langster into the shop for a tuneup.

These folks know how to have a good time. Last week Velonews had and article about the World Single Speed Championships in Oregon (Think this is the sponsoring club). There were some interesting pictures of some folks having fun on the podium and not taking things to seriously. Over the weekend I was looking through my links on this blog and I went to the Raleigh Commutes blog link that I have had for sometime (not really sure how I found it) and there were the same folks that graced the Velonews photo. For more photos check out the following links: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3.

Several of the close ski areas opened this weekend. Last year I signed up for the daily conditions report from Belleayre Mountain in New York. The reports starting coming again last weekend and the one on Thursday said that it was snowing. Bellearye is about 2.5 hours north of where I live. Hunter Mountain and Windham are in the same area. Hunter is supposed to be the snowmaking king but last year Bellearye was still making snow in late March long over all other other mountains had already rolled up their hoses. I guess it helps to be owned by the State of NY.

I am planning on going to Syracuse, NY for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Still trying to decide if I should pack my skis just in case the opportunity presents itself. The mountains in the Syracuse area have still not opened so I would have route my trip through Eastern NY (Catskills). It probably is not going to happen. Although I am going to drop my skis off for sharping and waxing (I really should learn to do this myself but it only costs a couple of dollars and is probably not worth the effort) this week.


Anonymous said...

Windham opens on Thanksgiving. Woohoo!

Flametop59 said...

We are supposed to get some more warm weather at the end of the week. The best conditions may have been yesterday and today. I dropped my skis off to be waxed and sharpened yesterday.

I have my eye on a new pair of Volkl AC30 but I am not buying until we have some substantial base. I do not want to jinx the season.

Warm and sunny weather means a couple more bike rides.