Monday, May 7, 2007

East Coast Skiing 2007 (Greek Peak)

After a couple of warm days on the East Coast I thought that the ski season was over. However, the temperature dropped, the snow returned and I was able to extend the ski season by two more weekends. I probably could have got a couple more weekends out of the season but I decided to quit while I was ahead.

I decided that I would drive to Central New York and try to make up for the New Years weekend that went bust. On Friday morning I packed for the weekend, loaded my skis in the car and drove to my parents house in Syracuse, New York immediately afterwork.

I was debating weather to ski Song Mountain or Greek Peak. Song Mountain is about 20 minutes from my parents house and Greek Peak is about an hour way. However, I have never skied Greek Peak before (not really sure why) so I decided to give it a try.

I was not sure how the conditions were going to be since it was almost heading into April. I figured I would ski the morning and if it was not any good I would meet my parents at the Syracuse - Binghamton Lacrosse Game in the SU Dome.

While I was one of the few paying customers (it was definitely a season pass day) I definitely got my money's worth. I got to the slope at 8:30 am and I skied until 5 PM. I might have skied even longer but my last run involved lightning, thunder and driving rain.

Greek Peak is a big for the East Coast ski resort. The lifts are mostly older doubles but the runs are long. Some real challenging runs with lots of bumps. The regulars (at least on this day) are all good skiers. Snowboarders and skiers seem to coexist well with each other.

I do regret not buying a season's pass for 2007 - 2008. The daily pass was $54 but I could have spent $239 for next years pass and used it on this weekend. Of course I did not find out until I had already bought the day pass. I guess one of lifes learning experiences.

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