Friday, May 11, 2007


Kawasaki Ninja ZX14
I was driving North on RT 35 in Middletown, NJ when I passed Monmouth Cycles ( I looked over and saw the cycle above displayed in the window. I have driven by Monmouth Cycles 100s maybe 1000s of times and everytime I drive by I say to myself that I should stop in and look around but I never do.

I was really attracted to the looks of the motorcycle and I decided that I would stop in and at least take a picture. To me this is motorcycle as art. This would look good displayed in your living room, family room or entrance way.

I have been really noticing motorcycles lately. Especially since I have read two of Neil Peart's (the drummer for Rush is also an author) books in the past couple of months. I used to think that Harleys were the way to go but now I like BMWs, Ducatis and now the above mentioned Ninja. I think it is the sense of the open road and the freedom that appeals to me.

The Ninja looks fast even when it is simply being displayed in the window. Can you ride one without opening up and pushing the envelope? The fear factor would probably outweigh the enjoyment. Fear usually keeps you safe.

Maybe I will take a motorcycle safety class just for kicks.

Below are some more motorcycles that I have taken pictures of. Ducatis appear to be very popular in California. Almost every model in the Ducati line functions as movable art. Check them out at for more information.

The picture below was taken outside Performance Bicycles in San Francisco.

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