Monday, May 7, 2007

Skiing in Lake Tahoe

I ended up spending January and February 2007 on the West Coast. I was working on a project in San Francisco and it was not really worth doing the weekly commute between the East and West coast. This created an opportunity to get some skiing in at Lake Tahoe.

Not knowing where I was going I located a cheap hotel in South Lake Tahoe (Blue Lake Inn) on ( The hotel description stated that it was only a block away from the Heavenly Gondola.

I was not really familiar with Heavenly Mountain ( but I really did not know any of the Lake Tahoe Ski mountains. This was going to be an adventure. After doing some research and getting a good recommendation I figured I would try out Heavenly and maybe go to another Mountain later.

I end up going to South Lake Tahoe and skiing Heavenly on four different weekends. The snow in January was not that great but February was an improvement. I missed a really big snowfall by one day since I got out of town so that I would not be stranded (looking back it was kind of a wimpy move but I was afraid I was going to be stuck in a hotel room and not be able to ski).

A friend of mine came out to go skiing with me on one weekend. It is always fun to ski with someone. I think you need someone to brag to.

My only regret is that I did not try one of the other resorts. I have heard great things about Kirkwood ( ) and I have vowed to ski there at least once next year.

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